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Working Paper- Green Infrastructure Literature Review Mark Scott, Marcus Collier, Karen Foley, Mick Lennon

University College Dublin

Oct 2013
Ecosystem services have been researched and promoted widely as a tool to address biodiversity conservation and as an approach to tackle climate change mitigation/adaptation. This paper explores the potential for delivering ecosystem services through spatial planning, proposing an ecological turn in planning theory and practice. Specifically, we examine the emerging literature surrounding green infrastructure to: (1) identify ecological principles to inform planning policies and processes; (2) propose a re-scoping of spatial planning practices to place ecology, ecosystem services and environmental risks as central concerns of planning practice; and (3) examine effective procedures to ensure more ecologically sound outcomes in the planning process.
Working Paper- Report on National Practice Mark Scott, Marcus Collier, Karen Foley, Mick Lennon

University College Dublin

Oct 2013
This report seeks to provide a concise yet comprehensive study of Irish national, regional and local level spatial planning policy concerning GI. It does so by first identifying the immediate policy precursors to a specific GI planning approach. The report then traces the emergence, evolution and institutionalisation of GI planning approaches throughout various arenas of planning governance. An analysis of recent trends in GI planning initiatives is provided. The report thus furnishes a useful baseline resource for the development of future practice regarding the integration of the ecosystems services paradigm into Irish spatial planning activity via the GI concept.
Annotated Bibliography Database Mick Lennon

Feb 2014

Searchable Database in MS Access format
Green Infrastructure: A 'How To' Guide for Disseminating and Integrating the Concept into Spatial Planning Practice Mark Scott, Mick Lennon, Marcus Collier, Karen Foley

July 2016

In recent years the Irish planning system has been reshaped in response to the challenges posed by such pressing issues as climate change, flooding, threats to biodiversity and the need to improve water quality. There is enormous pressure on planners and allied professionals to respond to such pressing issues when formulating spatial plans. This short document seeks to relieve such pressures for those involved in the formulation of spatial plans by presenting a “How To” guide on disseminating and integrating the green infrastructure (GI) concept – an approach that addresses multiple issues in an environmentally sensitive manner by promoting spatial connectivity and multifunctionality.

The PowerPoint presentation, presenter notes, game instructions, game board, posters, playing cards and various other materials are available for download from the EPA website at: http://erc.epa.ie/safer/resource?id=c42987da-4387-11e6-ab63-005056ae0019

Integrating Ecosystem Approaches, Green Infrastructure and Spatial Planning Mark Scott, Mick Lennon, Marcus Collier, Karen Foley


This report aims to examine potential avenues for the Irish planning system to deliver sustainable and ecologically sound outcomes through principles developed from the ecosystem approach and mobilised through the green infrastructure (GI) concept.


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